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Exciting news for working carers: What’s coming in 2024

New laws have been passed which will help to give carers extra support at work – to start during 2024.

The Carer’s Leave Act 2023

Big changes are on the horizon! The Carer’s Leave Act has received Royal Assent and is set to become law, from as early as April 2024.

The changes will mean that unpaid carers who are balancing unpaid care with work will have the legal right to 5 days of unpaid carers leave to care for a loved one. More information about how this will work in practice will be confirmed early next year.

The Flexible Working Act

Exciting news for those in England, Scotland, or Wales! The Flexible Working Act will grant you the right to request flexible working from the very first day of your employment.

Changes could include adjustments to your working hours, times of work, or place of work. Here’s what’s in store:

  • You will be able to request changes twice a year, offering flexibility as your caring circumstances change.
  • No need to make a case about the impact on your employer.
  • Your employer must consult with you if they can’t accommodate the requested changes.

The government has said this law will come into effect by July 2024.

Empower yourself with knowledge!

These changes aim to provide much-needed support for working carers. Feel free to share and keep your fellow carers informed!

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