1-2-1 coaching sessions

Personalised support for you: explore 1-2-1 coaching

Are you longing for clarity and focus to help you work through all the priorities of looking after your kids and caring for your ageing family that you’re currently juggling?

Would you love to feel less stressed and have some coping mechanisms to help you with this?

Can you picture a life where you’re more resilient and less burdened by constant anxiety?

Would it be amazing to have the space to chat to someone who totally understands and gets what it’s like in the Sandwich Generation, who understands the demands and recognises the tangible impact it has?

If any of this resonates with you, know that you're not alone—I hear you.

How coaching can help you

Through coaching, I offer a safe space to talk and provide support on your journey through the complexities of the Sandwich Generation. Whether it’s the balancing act of caring for both children and ageing family members, or the constant juggling of priorities, I am here to support you.

Through the coaching sessions, we can explore prioritising your responsibilities, devising effective time management strategies, and making big decisions that align with your family’s well-being. For instance, how to manage work priorities while caring, healthcare choices for children and ageing relatives, or making decisions about end of life care for a parent. Visit my “what is coaching” page for more.

Together, we can work on the issues that matter most to you, ensuring that you feel supported and equipped to handle the HUGE demands of being in the Sandwich Generation.

How it all works

Coaching starts with a no-obligation 20 minute online Discovery Call, giving us the chance to discuss what coaching involves and why you think coaching might help you right now –  so ask as many questions as you like!

If we decide that coaching is the right step for you, you’ll receive everything you need to make a booking.

Individual coaching is available both online and face-to-face, with in-person sessions in Wetherby or a mutually agreed location in Yorkshire.

Book your discovery call

If this sounds of interest, then reach out and get in touch today – I’d love to hear from you.