what is coaching ?

What is coaching?

Coaching gives you a safe space to talk, to work through issues and to come up with practical ways to handle your responsibilities.


Through coaching, together we uncover strategies to reduce your stress, help you to feel more in control, and support you to juggle your caring, personal life, and work commitments.


It helps you find balance that works for you and supports you to look after you, so you’re able to care for your family.


It’s not about dwelling on the past or simply receiving advice; it’s a collaborative process focused on your present and future.


What coaching isn't!!!:

Coaching is not the same as counselling: Unlike counselling, which tends to revisit emotions and history, coaching is forward-focused. It’s about making real changes, building resilience, and creating a future that resonates with your goals.

Coaching is also not the same as mentoring: Coaching isn’t about someone telling you what to do. It’s a conversation where we explore your unique situation, set goals together, and come up with strategies that make sense for you.

Why choose coaching?

In the Sandwich Generation, where life is a huge balancing act, coaching is your space. It’s about rediscovering your strengths, making positive changes, and finding your rhythm amidst the chaos.

Why choose Sherry King?

With 22 years of NHS leadership and a decades coaching experience, Sherry channels her personal caring journey—sparked by her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis—into dedicated advocacy and comprehensive support services for those navigating the complexities of the Sandwich Generation.

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