about Sherry

Sherry King's Sandwich Generation Support is not just a business; it's a mission from the heart. My goal is simple: to empower and support individuals like us who find themselves in the sandwich generation.

Let me introduce myself...

I’m Sherry King. I live in Yorkshire with my husband Matt, three primary school-aged children, and our cat, Lyra.


Until June 2023, I was a senior manager in the NHS, supporting people working in primary care across the whole of England. I’m so privileged to have worked in the NHS for over 21 years and hope I’ve done the patients that I’ve served proud.


In 2019, my life changed forever when my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, thrusting me into the demanding role of a secondary carer alongside my dad.


"To say it was tough was an understatement."

Throughout this journey, I felt isolated, searching in vain for support tailored to sandwich generation folks like me—caught between raising children and caring for parents. I truly felt like I had no voice and my role in the sandwich generation wasn’t recognised as being important.

In early 2022, the challenges intensified as my Mum moved into the later stages of Alzheimers. I was still caring for my 3 children…. and all while continuing to juggle work!

At the end of 2022, my mum died, leaving me with a burning desire to make a meaningful change. I felt like my voice hadn’t been heard in my search for support, and I want this to change for others going through the same struggles.

That’s when I chose to take action. I decided to leave my role in the NHS and have now set up “Sherry King’s Sandwich Generation Support”.

My mission

My mission at Sherry King’s Sandwich Generation Support is to empower individuals in the Sandwich Generation to effectively care for both their families and themselves.

Remember... you are not alone

Struggling to balance caring for both parents and kids? It’s real and you are not alone. In fact, did you know at least 2.5 million people in England and Wales are in the Sandwich Generation and trying to combine working and caring.

I can not speak highly enough of Sherry; she is a wonderful coach and human-being!


Nadia Khan