care home transition support service

Providing practical advice to help you choose and smoothly transition your loved one into long-term care, every step of the way.

"I want to help you navigate this emotional life transition."

Navigating the journey towards long-term care for a loved one can be an emotionally charged and overwhelming experience. Sherry King understands this first-hand, having been through the process three times with her Mum and grandparents. 

Drawing on 22 years of NHS experience and personal knowledge gained as the lead person responsible for transitioning family members into long-term care, Sherry offers a comprehensive Care Home Transition Support Package tailored for those in the Sandwich Generation.

"Arranging care for my mum was one of the most difficult decisions and processes of my life."

What's included

1. Initial guidance:
  • Practical tips and personalised advice on exploring long-term care options for your loved one.
  • Assistance in shortlisting suitable care homes.
2. Accompaniment and guidance during care home or hospice visits:
  • Accompaniment during visits to Care Homes to support you in making informed decisions. (Currently only available in the Yorkshire region, UK)
  • Practical tips on what to look for when visiting care homes.
  • Criteria for assessing if a care home is the right fit for your loved one.
3. Transition support:
  • Personalised guidance through each step of the process, from choosing a care home to supporting the transition and settling into the new environment.
  • Emotional support for both you and your loved one during this significant life transition.
4. Emotional well-being:
  • Insights on managing the emotional impact of moving a loved one into care.
  • Tips on how to communicate effectively with your loved one and wider family about the transition.
5. Practical tips:
  • Guidance on what to pack (and what not to!) to ensure your loved one feels comfortable and settled in their new home.
  • Practical advice on how to support them to settle in during their first few weeks.

Why choose our service

Sherry King’s Care Home Transition Support is not just about professional expertise; it’s about personal experience. Sherry understands the intricacies, challenges, and emotional toll of transitioning a loved one into long-term care. With her guidance, you will receive practical, individualised support from someone who has been there.

Each family situation is unique, and our service is here to provide the tailored support you need during this challenging time.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the care home transition service then click below to arrange a call.