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If you’re an employer in the private, public or voluntary sector, we can help with:

Workshop: Balancing Work and Caring

We understand first-hand the unique challenges faced by employees who are balancing their professional duties with caring responsibilities for elderly or unwell relatives.

This workshop raises awareness of the challenges in the workplace for carers. It equips people with the knowledge, tips and tools they need to support themselves or their colleagues who are caring. 

Ready to raise awareness and prioritise staff well-being?

Contact us to discuss your organisation’s specific needs and objectives, and let’s work together to empower your team members to thrive both personally and professionally.

Available online or face-to-face.

Carer Awareness Training for Line Managers

This session covers specific advice and support for line managers who are supporting people in the sandwich generation and may also be in it themselves.

The session can be designed around the specific needs of the organisation. However, usual content includes insight about life in the sandwich generation whilst being an employee from real-life case studies, signs of stress to look out for resources and tips on how you can support.

We also offer 121 coaching for any line managers who are looking for more personalised confidential support.

Available online or face-to-face.


To promote the emotional well-being of your colleagues and provide them with a supportive environment to address challenges, we offer:

1:1 Coaching – a safe space where managers or colleagues who are caring can discuss challenges, reduce stress, and develop coping strategies

Our coaching is designed to help people balance taking care of others with reaching their own goals.

Group coaching – for colleagues who are in the Sandwich Generation. These sessions bring people together to share experiences and get support in managing their caring duties while also growing personally and professionally.

All coaching starts with a quick 20-minute chat to make sure coaching is a good fit for the person, and that they feel comfortable working with us.

Speaking and panel discussions

Invite Sherry to speak at your colleagues, ERG, event or Lunch and Learn to raise awareness and foster understanding of the Sandwich Generation.

In previous sessions, Sherry has used insightful presentations and engaging storytelling to educate audiences about the challenges faced by carers and inspire them to offer support and empathy to those in need.

Sherry is an experienced speaker who is able to frame important messages and practical tips within her own personal experiences of simultaneously looking after three children, working in a pressured job and caring for her unwell parents.

360 Reviews

On average, 600 people a day leave work to care – with over 500,000 people leaving work to provide unpaid care pre-pandemic (Carers UK, Juggling Work and Care)

Our reviews enable you to understand more about what life is like for those caring for their parents and children whilst juggling their role in your organisation.  

Following an initial scoping session, in consultation with you, we use a range of tools from surveys to focus groups.

This will provide a comprehensive diagnostic experience including quantitative and qualitative data. You will receive a personalised action plan outlining existing good practice, highlighting any areas for improvements and providing options for addressing these to benefit your colleagues and the overall productivity of your organisation.


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