success stories

Here are what some of Sherry's clients are saying about her.

Sherry has a natural coaching style and the coaching I have received in the past has helped me achieve my goals. I would say that she is truly one of the best and I have no hesitation in giving a 5* recommendation.


Sam Kelly

During a period of uncertainty and change Sherry has helped me approach situations in a different light and enabled me to develop constructive approaches to move forward and develop my confidence. Sherry really takes the time to actively listen to your situation and asks the right questions to help you come to the most appropriate course of action.


As a coach Sherry is professional, friendly and passionate about coaching and I would recommend her to anyone interested in coaching.


Georgina Lilley

Sherry’s experience and training as a coach make her an ideal partner for those looking for support to navigate health care and life as a carer.


Karen Foy MCC

My coaching journey with Sherry has supported me to think about what’s important to me, how others with different values may impact me and on how I could respond to them, as well as exploring ways to build resilience. It has given me time and headspace to consider my options in an emotionally safe and neutral space.


Sherry is great at listening and recalling details from previous conversations to guide constructive refection and she shows compassion and kindness”


Wendy Pinson